auburn in the valley.

Citizen of Humanity thompson denim. Who We See boots. Wilfred sweater and scarf. Marc by Marc bag. Chanel sunnies. TNA wool socks. 

11.1.11. The date today reminds me of a childish game I used to always play. The sequence of the digit "1" was associated to candles on a cake and when it appeared coincidentally you were to make a wish before it changed. Regardless of how silly this might sound it was harmless fun and it still evokes a playful reminder that something amazing is just around the corner. 


into the wild.

 Wilfred silk tunic dress. Vintage silk slip. House of Harlow boots. Zara stockings. 

Happy Halloween. Each year my halloween costume is usually comprised of clothing already within my wardrobe and this year is no different. After a comment a friend recently made while wearing this tunic I had the idea to play with my interpretation of Pocahontas.  I'm wearing a Wilfred silk tunic and boots from lat year's House of Harlow collection. The belt is a head tie piece purchased from Tokyo last year that I've never had the chance to wear. The rest was just random pieces I've found and put together to complete the outfit. Playing dress up can be great fun! 


on a whim.

 Loft sweater. Wilfred silk dress & wool legging. Sam Edelman boots. Yves Saint Laurent Y bag. Tiffany's necklace. 

 As the chill of fall becomes more evident I've found comfort in large oversized wool cardigans.  Spending most of this Thanksgiving holiday sleeping in and enjoying the company of friends over deliciously prepared dinners. 
Currently listening to:   Bent by Elephants. Whims and Borders
                                                                Can't Have You
(Saw their show last night and was completely mesmerized by her voice and the musical talents of this band from Montreal) 


morning antics.

 Club Monaco fur vest. Country Road silk blouse. Wilfred leather shorts and suede belt. 
Twelfth by Cynthia Vincent studded boots. Club Monaco socks.

I can honestly say I've searched for a fur vest for quite some time and was stoked when I came across this one at Club Monaco. The fur is textured, and long giving it a slightly spiky look that paired well with my studded Cynthia Vincent boots.  I've really enjoyed the trend of wearing socks with sandals and boots this season that I've developed a slight addiction to stockings. I might just be that person you see in the dead of winter wearing shorts, stockings, a giant oversized wool coat and scarf. FYI winter's here are -30...  


the swell season.

Wilfred Cape & Dress. Jeffery Campbell foxy platforms. Club Monaco wool knee socks. Pamela Love ring. 

 I love fall. First day of fall was 2 days ago and overnight the leaves have changed color and fallen to the ground. I went for a walk this morning and had to stray from the paths to crunch on the endless blanket of freshly crunchy yellow leaves. When I first saw this cape it reminded me of autumn and the length is still flattering with dresses. Some capes I've found are either much shorter or way too long. I've owned this pair of Jeffery Campbell Foxys for months but just didn't find occasions to wear them. Jeffery Campbell yet again did not disappoint, they were surprisingly comfortable and fun to walk in.