It's always sunny after it rains.

Topshop cape. Hunter snakeskin embossed boots. Club Monaco socks.

When I first saw this cape last fall I knew I had to have it. It was featured in Topshop's 2010 fall line and was completely sold out online and as most great items on Topshop you can only wait and hope it comes back. I ended up lucky and finding it the first day it came back in stock and ordered it right away. When I first received it I quickly questioned what I was thinking purchasing something that almost looked it came a Harry Potter film but I have come to adore how different it is and love the way the heavy fabric allows the garment to sit perfectly on your shoulders even unbuttoned. I'm glad this spur of the moment purchase is coming in handy especially on rainy days. The boots were purchased at Kitson, Tokyo during a very rainy visit. Although it looked very trendy and adorable in Toyko, I could not say the same when I visited China soon afterwards where rainboots are only seen on working construction men. I didn't mind, my feet were dry and I felt I could conquer any puddle.   

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  1. Hi Claire, your Outfit is great and you look really dishy wearing your Rubber Wellingtons,so cool and stylish.